Heikki Kallio


KallioProfessor Emeritus Heikki Kallio

Food Chemistry and Food Development
Department of Biochemistry
University of Turku
20014 Turku, Finland


Heikki Paavo Kallio studied at the University of Turku, Finland (M.Sc., 1971; Ph.D. 1976) where he was nominated to Docent (1979-1983), Acting Associate Professor (1980-1983), Associate Professor (1983-1990), Professor (1991 -2015) and Head of Department of Biochemistry and Food Chemistry (2009-2012). Dr. Kallio has served as a Visiting Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology, University of California, Davis (1985-1986); a Visiting Professor, The Australian Wine Research Institute, University of Adelaide, Australia (1990-1991); a Visiting Professor, Department of Food Chemistry and Functional Foods, Jinan University, Gungzhou, China (2008 onwards).

Dr. Kallio has been the Research Director of Saarioinen Ltd (food), Finland (1975-1980); the Research and Development Director of Turun Muna Ltd (food and feed), Finland (1980-1982); and a Founder and Board Member of Aromtech Ltd, Finland (1991 onwards).

Dr. Kallio has supervised 27 Ph.D. Theses in Food Chemistry of which 13 are focused in the area of lipid chemistry and lipid biochemistry. His research group has published ~300 original scientific peer-reviewed articles in international journals and as book chapters. Of these, over 100 papers are related to lipids and lipophilic metabolites. The research team has significantly developed methodology and applications in technology and analysis of lipids, especially the GC/MS, LC/MS and SFC/MS techniques. Other key-areas of Dr. Kallio are aroma and flavor chemistry, natural food colors and supercritical fluid technologies. The discipline was commenced by Professor Reino Linko around 1970.

Dr. Kallio is an expert in education of chromatographic and mass spectrometric food analysis which has been his teaching speciality over thirty years. He has participated in the activities of the scientific community by lecturing in international congresses and short courses, and organizing symposia and congresses. Dr. Kallio is also known for his applications on supercritical fluid (CO2) extraction of lipids and flavor compounds, especially of berry oils and berry oil fractions for food additives and cosmetics.


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